To make your packing easier, select what you want to travel with from this list. Check it off as you pack. Then, keep a copy at home in case your luggage is lost.

Essentials   Toiletries
cash (canadian or u.s. dollars)   toothpaste  
credit cards   toothbrush  
international driver's license   dental floss  
medical insurance   shampoo  
passport / visa   conditioner  
airplane ticket   comb / brush  
traveler's cheques   skin lotion  
wallet / purse   perfume / aftershave  
student identification   deodorant  
photocopy of credit cards   hair spray / gel  
photocopy of important documents   shaving kit
important telephone numbers  towel  
Clothes   Miscellaneous
bathrobe   address book  
pajamas  radio / walkman  
shirts / blouses   batteries  
t-shirts   books / magazines
jacket   paper / envelopes
parka (for winter)   journal  
sweater   pens / pencils  
dresses   camera / film  
evening wear   gifts
suit / ties   vitamins  
jeans/ pants   medicine / prescription  
shoes / boots / sandals   alarm clock  
shorts (spring, summer, fall)   umbrella
swimsuit   games / playing cards  
socks   sewing kit / safety pins  
undershorts   glasses / sunglasses  
undershirts   musical instrument  
hat   dictionary